Pith Instructions

The Pith Instructions of Trikaya Buddhism

First, learn to meditate.
Allow a guide to show you the silence within the mind.
In the stillness between thoughts,
All ideas of self and the world melt.

Practice meditation daily,
Using the tools and methods that get you to the doorway,
Then step through and
Be centered in calm abiding as the world spins.

Off the meditation cushion,
Cultivate states of beauty and gratitude,
Always resting in the present moment.
Practice mindfulness, being aware of what is.

Plant seeds to support your Awakening:
Make every thought an act of love.
Make every spoken word an act of service.
Make every movement of the body an act of wisdom.

With gentle compassion watch
Feelings arise and fall away.
Transform all that you experience into the Path.

Temper your practice with diligent study
Of the teachings from those whom you feel are most high.
Strengthen and stretch your mind
To see what the word-shaped finger points to.

Know it is not enough to obtain the view.
Once obtained, the view must be stabilized.
Once stable, begin again and go beyond where you are.
Awaken each moment to the impermanence
Of all that you think you are.

Accept help with humility from others along the way,
Realizing no one can walk the path for you,
Knowing all exists within the Mind.

Recognize the clear light, the Dharmakaya.
Recognize your subtle-body as the bliss body, the Sambhogakaya.
Recognize your physical body as the emanation of Enlightenment, the Nirmanakaya.
Recognize the unity of the Trikaya
As the layers of self peel away
Awaken to that which cannot be spoken but only known
Awaken to the true nature of Reality.

May the Light of your being shine brightly and bless your path!

~ Turiya Dhara

While the Pith Instructions will point you in the right direction, there is much to explore. Unlocking the deeper awareness within you is extremely rewarding; however it can at times be unsettling. For this reason, we highly recommend you seek a guide and companionship as you make the trek into Awakening. If Trikaya Buddhism resonates with you, please join us at Dharma Center at any of our public classes.